Wednesday, January 9, 2008

back to the blog...

Ok, I was WAY to busy to blog over the holidays....our oldest son ended up in the hospital for two weeks with a ruptured appendix. We got out on Christmas about cutting it close! He is doing much better now and, now that the holidays are over, and the kids are back to school life continues as usual.

I am in Houston for a staff retreat for my work. Two days of training and working with my colleagues....will be nice. Miss the kiddos and hubbie though!

Well, will blog again soon!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday...we made it...

The end of the school/work week and the beginning of the weekend is upon us. I have been blogging and reading blogs diligently to get the hang of it....there are some amazing writers out there. Being a great writer is something that I have always aspired to....obviously still working towards it...hee hee.

Today is a busy Friday and I am procrastinating doing my work...I have lots of admin/type stuff to work on today and my house looks like it is inhabited by children and no adults. How do you get them to pick up after themselves? I always wonder. I have some girlfriends whose houses are do they do that? Inbetween work, school, feeding the aliens ( I mean kids), being the laundry lady, hugs and do you fit it all in? I tried the FlyLady---works if you are a stay-at-home mom with nothing better to do than clean the house--I don't know if those types of mom's actually exist. Plus they inundate you with emails---too much for me. I can spend hours cleaning the house and once the kids get home from school it all is a waste.....calgon take me away!

Well, that is my rant for today. Anyone have any ideas of how to actually get your kids to clean their rooms (and pick up after themselves) without bribery, yelling or watching their every move? Any ideas are welcome....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday....over the hump....

Where did this day go? From meeting prep to meetings to discussions with my boss and now it is already time to pick up my kids! Ever have those days when you work all day long and feel like you have accomplished nothing....? Today is one of those days.

Positive note. My hubby got a second interview for a prospective job that he would love. Send positive thoughts our direction.....

Quick blog today....however still there anybody out there???

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blog Day 3

Welcome to Wednesday.
Busy work day. Busy day volunteering at school. It was Book Fair day today. Which really is a very over-stimulating, kids dragging me from this toy to this book and back to this toy type of event. Each kids was lucky to get something although I had to convince them to get a book, not a game or a puzzle or some cool fuzzy pen.....anything for the school to raise money.

Today's agenda holds work, daughter has gymnastics (they have wireless so I normally get another 2 hours of work in amist screaming kids in the waiting room---good thing is that they are not MY kids so I can completely tune them out) practice for the boys and then dinner, homework, etc.....never ends.

Any easy dinner ideas? I have no clue what I am making tonight.....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Any Mom's out there?

Hello again, we go.

Kids at 10 year old got angry with me on the way to school because I told him the wrong spelling word explanation....then he forgot his lunch (which was my fault of course) and on and on....he is my high maintenance kid, always keeps me on my toes. Great, loving kid, just likes to keep me guessing. My six year old daughter was so sweet last husband and I went out to a Board meeting and left our oldest in charge for an hour. I had just fed them and ran out the door leaving the kitchen a mess.....we get home and my daughter had cleaned up the whole kitchen...she put the leftover food away in the fridge (in baggies and tupperware), cleaned the rice cooker, washed the dishes and even wiped down the counters. Wow. I was amazed. What a good girl. My eldest got squished in football practice by the heaviest kid on the team, he fell right on his knee.....we were worried but he took it easy and rested and is better today. He is the QB and we start playoffs this weekend so we need him!

Work is crazy as always, demanding clients....but they do keep us hopping. I work for an Integrated marketing firm as a Senior Acct. Manager. I enjoy my job and love the flexibility it provides me.... just have a hard time juggling it all.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?
Have a good Tuesday.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Blog Day 2

Hello again.
Today is Monday....a quiet one by all accounts. Everyone got off to school ok----my 10 year old started an early Monday am. reading program at school---had to be there by 7:15....that took a bit to get up and moving--plus he did not want to go at all. Back to my normal schedule of working while the kids are at working away hard today....

Great morning plus, I signed on to my email this morning and got a great surprise!! I got a raise. Very exicited and great way to start the week. I work for a great company, woman-owned, 19 women in the company and she is great at allowing flex time and virtual offices. I truly enjoy my job and the company I work for---lucky me.

Well, off to work, only had a second to blog...anyone out there????

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Welcome to my blog...

Hello all you other stressed out Mom's out there.....let me introduce myself. My name is Julie and I am a mother of three adorable oldest is a 12 year old boy, I have a 10 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. On top of my busy, active, kids....I work approx. 30 hours a week as an Account Manager for a integrated marketing firm, have a somewhat-demanding husband, a house to clean and try to squeek in time for friends and family. I am the sponsorship coordinator for our youth football and cheerleading organization---which also is demanding, however football season is almost over....thank goodness. Ready for a break. Anyway....that sums up my crazy life. I have decided to start a blog to see if there are any other SOMs out there...maybe we can strategize on how to simplfy our lives...anyone game?