Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Any Mom's out there?

Hello again,
Tuesday....here we go.

Kids at school...my 10 year old got angry with me on the way to school because I told him the wrong spelling word explanation....then he forgot his lunch (which was my fault of course) and on and on....he is my high maintenance kid, always keeps me on my toes. Great, loving kid, just likes to keep me guessing. My six year old daughter was so sweet last night....my husband and I went out to a Board meeting and left our oldest in charge for an hour. I had just fed them and ran out the door leaving the kitchen a mess.....we get home and my daughter had cleaned up the whole kitchen...she put the leftover food away in the fridge (in baggies and tupperware), cleaned the rice cooker, washed the dishes and even wiped down the counters. Wow. I was amazed. What a good girl. My eldest got squished in football practice by the heaviest kid on the team, he fell right on his knee.....we were worried but he took it easy and rested and is better today. He is the QB and we start playoffs this weekend so we need him!

Work is crazy as always, demanding clients....but they do keep us hopping. I work for an Integrated marketing firm as a Senior Acct. Manager. I enjoy my job and love the flexibility it provides me.... just have a hard time juggling it all.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?
Have a good Tuesday.

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